Whiskey Basics

born: April 15 2014
weight: 19kg (at 22 months)
parents: Stella from Akar/MyWishVizsla and Ripley from Yorkville Vizslas
sex: female
city: Vancouver, BC, Canada

food: raw- turkey/beef/lamb/chicken and leftovers, GreenMin, Gutsense, Salmon Oil

favourite activities
snuggling, running, climbing, sniffing games, BALL

favourite spot: her cavebed closely followed by the human bed

favourite chews: bully sticks, Himalayan chews, socks, antlers

roomates: Moo, the rescue cat with attitude

hobbies: running circles around other dogs, chasing birds, sitting on laps, pre-wash dish cycle, sitting on soft chairs, spooning with humans

commands: sit, come here, lie down, roll over, paw, stay, crate, leave it, off, up up, jump, speak, turn (in a circle), go through (weave through your legs), stump (get up on), find it (anything you show her first and then hide), bring it back, where's daddy?, no pulling, wait, heel, sit pretty, lift (up her back paws), stretch (half up on a raised surface), half down (on a raise surface), feet feet (stay between my legs as I walk around), look at me (for photos)

tricks: balancing on small objects, jumping into your arms, balancing things on her nose, jumping and grabbing a stick from high up, sniffing out objects, agility training, catching treats tossed from her nose

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