About this blog

Thanks for stopping by!  This is the life of Whiskey, our first Vizsla girl.  She was born April 15th 2014 in Montreal and flew into our arms shortly after.  I'll endeavor to share with you our trials and tribulations living a city life with an active dog and our photography business.

Our family includes my partner and I, both working contract jobs in the film and photography industry, and Moo, our rescue cat (Moo looks like a cow and acts like a dog).  Moo is an overly confident kitty 2 years older than Whiskey and is not sure about having to share love in the house. Moo is also trained to sit, lie down, roll over, give paw, and yes, she uses the human toilet after 1 year of training.

As a first time dog owner, I'm a bit nuts when it comes to researching bur there is so much information out there so read as we share our experience online. Overall Whiskey has been amazing and we are very lucky as she is a very mellow and easy Vizsla. Vizslas are famous for their overabundance of energy and although Whiskey is happy to run outside for hours (with a quick recharge rate) she has been really easy inside the home.