Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kelowna Trip

Wine capital of BC
So last weekend we took a little trip to Kelowna, the Okanagan, in the interior of British Columbia. It was my first trip there and we had a great group of 6 to share a wonderful vacation home. I've been wanting to visit for ages as it's BC's wine region and is famous for its local produce.

Lots of weddings and nice scenery

everyone helping out in the kitchen
The Summerhill Winery

Moo having loads of fun outside her normal home

our beautiful rental

This was the first time we've taken Moo for a trip and as our cat-sitter was coming along, we figured we'd give it a go. Moo is not a typical cat and has experience moving homes as a rescue. We had an idea she would be fine because she was so quickly comfortable in our house when we first got her. So this time we traveled with a full car-load, cat scratchers, litter box, luggage, food, 3 humans, 1 cat and 1 dog. Moo and Whiskey were great in the car for our 5 hour trip although Moo wouldn't take any treats (Whiskey had no issues). When we arrived, Moo didn't eat for 1.5 days but was exploring non-stop. Luckily the house we had was 2 floors and Moo felt safe on the top floor away from a friend's mini Dachshund (who wasn't allowed up the stairs). In all, we were 6 people, 2 dogs and 1 cat.

the group
Whiskey working for bacon

naps surrounded by a zoo
yummy home cooked meals
travelling companions
Our first day consisted of a farmer's market, 3 vineyards, a goat cheese farm, and an amazing Korean rice roll dinner. Whiskey strolled around the vineyards and I had such trouble keeping her calm with the wild Quail (with babies!), ground squirrels, marmots, and birds everywhere!

SpierHead Winery

Waiting for the adults to taste
Oh Boy! A goat farm!!

Very interested in goats

Our 2nd day was a lazy sleep in, followed by fun on the lake, a bbq dinner, and board games.

Ginger rather stays on the beach
Getting ready to do a 3km swim
BBq dinner for all
S'mores over the fire
Moo even got to explore the garden for short (very carefully watched) outings. The 3 acre plot was fenced off so we felt very safe letting Whiskey roam (though she stayed really close to us the whole time). 

Not quite sure about going outside

I wonder what she's thinking

Checking out the garden
Time to come in!
It's nice she can travel with us

Moo's been great with the two dogs

Our last day was spent doing a little hike up Bear Creek, then a lazy breakfast followed by packing and heading out. The road trip back was uneventful with beautiful passing scenery. We really can't wait to come back for a longer stay.

Oh boy, someone's happy to run

There was a recent devastating fire

I swear she's so cute!

I love this tree

It's hot out here!

Still happy to pose

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Best Dog Beach Morning

Beautiful Vancouver

Low tide at Spanish Banks is really one of a kind. Spanish Banks is regularly a great dog beach but if you can get there on a low tide (arrive at least an hour ahead of the tide time) then it's really special. With a fantastic view of the cityscape, it feels like you can almost walk out to the tankers and the beach is 1000x bigger than normal.
The tide is an hour away from low
It goes on forever!
Expert digger...not sure what for
Seriously, is this the only Vizsla that just sits in the middle of playing?
Playing a tiny bit of fetch
So happy!

We arrived at 9:30 on a Sunday morning and there were so many dogs and owners there that we met 3 other Vizslas!
Making friends

I had to lay on the sand to get this low
Meeting and playing with Hugo

There's nothing like two Vizslas playing

Instant friendship

This time Whiskey was accompanied by her good friend Ginger who looks like a mini Vizsla with a no-nonsense attitude. Ginger was sporting her new life jacket (complete with handles) just in case the tide pools came too high. The two had a blast running around and meeting other dogs.

Little Ginger is so short!
Ankle deep water is pretty high for her
Whiskey chases the seagulls
Ginger swimming along
This is what the handles are for!
Amazing morning

Whiskey had fun sniffing out crabs. At one point we even had to leash up Ginger when a bald eagle decided to hang out on the sand. In the end we had two very happy and tired puppies on the way home.

until next time!