Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birdman Birddog

learning what she's bred for

No, not that Birdman (great movie), this is the birdman that Whiskey LOVES. We are working to train Whiskey with birds (trying to get her to hold a point right now). Eric has been our very informative trainer and this time Whiskey recognized Eric's car and just jumped right in. It smells like birds, fun, and dog. We met up with, his brother and Yoffi, his now-junior champion Vizsla. Yoffi ranked 7th in puppy field trials (dogs up to 1.5 years of age) out of all pointing breed dogs in Canada and was the only Vizsla to place! I was so stoked to watch Yoffi "work". Now we don't want to compete with Whiskey because it's a full time commitment but it's really nice to see the dogs work and learn. They are happiest doing the work they are bred for and I just love learning.

wading into the field
Yoffi, handsome junior champion

Puppy in training
We went out to a big field to practice and Eric brought some birds. He set up a bird tied to a string that was fluttering around and both dogs were so excited. This is expected in an experienced dog, but really key for Whiskey. I then tried to walk Whiskey in a big loop around the bird to a pre chosen position, then encouraged her to stay still and hold a point, lifting her back into place when she lunged ahead. After a couple rounds, she got much better and understood what we wanted.

initially Whiskey was so hard to hold back

Putting Whiskey in a "suitcase" and learning how to handle

these dogs are so beautiful

getting better!

Yoffi showing us how it's done

birdman and birddog

watching from the sidelines

Switching to something else before the dogs lost interest, we kept Whiskey while Yoffi got to go "find" and point a bird. Eric took a bird in a launcher 500m away, came back to Yoffi and released him. It was pretty crazy to see Yoffi run full speed tracking the bird and pointing it out way before we could catch up to him. He held the point until the bird was released and is currently training to keep his point while the bird takes off and flies around.

Yoffi finds the bird and holds point

walking up and he doesn't move

Still holding point while Eric encourages good style

pointing another bird

I'm really excited to continue her bird training as I just love to see these dogs point. I can tell Whiskey loves it and she's so keen to learn.

Happy tired Whiskey

very focused Yoffi

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

31 Vizslas, One Happy Meetup

31 Vizslas in Vancouver from Adele Ng and Thierry Muller on Vimeo.

It's the time again! Meetup time in Vancouver for loads of springy red dogs. This time we took over Bridgman Park in North Vancouver for a little walk with alot of pep. There were several new dogs and lots of butt sniffing, playing, and chatting with other 'parents'.

I really huge group this time!
my little girl stops to pose
long-haired Vizsla
dogs everywhere! where is mine?
everyone is meeting little Moose
The dogs acted like a giant pack walking through the park, although one or two inevitably went off chasing scents. I even got to meet my first long-haired Vizsla and we also have a black Vizsla-mix in the group! It's so great to have a good community that gets together like this. Vizslas are relatively rare but the show-ups to these meetups is so much higher than other popular breeds. Suffice to say we had one tired and happy puppy on the way home.

I love these dogs!
four way conversation
treat? you must bring an entire bag of treats today

by the riverside, these are not water dogs

everywhere you see, vislas!
All good news and happy pups aside, we did have a sad incident where one of our newest puppies, 3 month old Pana was attacked and bitten by a bull terrier before meeting the group, and had to go straight to emergency. It's really terrible news, especially since that dog had attacked 3 other dogs that day. It's always a really good reminder to keep a close eye on interactions with other dogs, especially new ones, and ensure your own dog doesn't go charging up to meet new dogs.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sunset Walk on the Beach

Vancouver is beautiful in the spring
Whiskey's been feeling so much better lately after the vet visits. She's actually been more energetic than ever and I've increased her daily ration to over 1kg a day, I have no idea what she does with it! With the longer hours we've been having, our sunsets are now at around 830 and we love walking on the beach after work. This day we headed over to Spanish Banks which has a fantastic dog beach and wanted to see how far the beach went. Well guess what? It keeps going until Wreck beach and the walk was really nice full of little beaches, and nice secluded picnic area, and no one around (how we like it!).

Spanish banks was rough today!

how lucky to be living here

the start of a really nice walk

Between Spanish Banks is a very beautiful connection with lots of smaller beaches. Perfect if you want to chill or just have a quiet walk. There's also a small picnic area with garbage bins and bathrooms. At some point we ended up at the University of British Columbia's grounds and headed back to our car.

Vizslas are always happy on top of you

stick chasing and running


I love sunsets on the beach

A little bit of paradise so close to downtown

The mountains make for such a nice backdrop

the last rays of sunshine