Thursday, December 25, 2014

It's Snowing!

We're very late this year for snow on the mountains and today we finally had a good dump up at Seymour Mountain. The mountain still isn't fully open for skiing so we had several slopes to ourselves. We took the Goldie Lake Loop and were the only ones on the trail (we could tell because we were the only footprints in foot-high snow).

She's flying!
new snowfall
so proud of my happy puppy!
It's such a different element to hike in
small snow covered lakes

Whiskey and her Great Dane puppy buddy Hanna (7 months) were so excited about the snowfall. They chased snowballs, ran ahead on the short trail, and met many other happy dogs at the parking lot all under the thickening snowstorm.

Great exercise in deep snow

winter wonderland!
pointing the way
Grooming new runs
waiting for more snow

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