Thursday, July 31, 2014

Whiskey is carsick!

Whiskey's always been fine with cars, but the other day I took her out alone and noticed she was drooling on the front seat.  Then, when I stopped the car and she got out, she threw up her lunch.  Today it happened again.  I'm thinking it's because she's used to sleeping on a lap (both times she was not being held) and she was moving around too much on the seat?  It's also been quite warm and I don't think the heat helps either.  I get carsick myself so can relate.  Poor thing!

Of course I had to immediately start researching what to do because this coming weekend we are going on a long 4 hour drive up north for camping.  A carsick puppy would be really difficult!  After a couple hours on the net, I read that they can take a small amount of children's Gravol (Dramamine for Americans), ginger extracts or cookies, and also less food before the trip helps.  I think I'll buy different things and start with ginger.  I'll let you know how we make out!

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