Monday, July 14, 2014

Puppy Food Choice

When I first started researching food for dogs, suffice to say I had information overload.  There was just so many warnings, advertisements, opinions, etc.  I read everything I could find, talked to owners and pet stores, checked the forums and was no closer to making the "right" decision.  I think the best advice I got was to just try something and see what happens "go with the poop".  Sometimes Acana works, sometimes they don't tolerate it.  Sometimes raw is great, sometimes not.  I mainly wanted local food with good ingredients that I could trust.

We are feeding NOW large puppy food.  What I found was for a larger breed puppy (vizslas are on the edge), make sure the calcium levels are not too high or the dog will grow too fast (see here).  We kept her on breeder food for a couple days, then slowly switched over a week to NOW while watching her poop closely.  Her poop was ok, but she wasn't as interested in her food so I started watering it down with boiling water and giving that to her (once it was a good temperature) so she would be more interested.

After another week, I started looking into raw and cooked food options and tried experimenting with giving her some human food mixed in with kibble.  I know some say not to do this because you'll make a picky dog.  Honestly, I don't mind as long as she doesn't pick out the good stuff.  We tried adding in pumpkin, carrots, berries, sweet potatoes, chicken, and after realizing she had no issues (I've heard Vizslas can be sensitive to many foods), I got a bunch of groceries, and made a dog mix to last for a month.  It's a mashed up mix of raw and cooked that I mix into her kibble for each meal.  I include:

-raw carrots, banana, broccoli, berries, peppers, apples, coconut oil, yogurt, sunflower oil, oats

-chicken, sweet potato, beans

I try for 1/3 meat, 1/3 veges and 1/3 starches (although since I mix it with kibble it doesn't matter so much). Warning: make sure your puppy is ok with each food before adding it to a mix like this.  It would be awful if you had to throw the whole thing away after finding out that they're allergic to one of the items.

The next time I'll try a different protein (egg, lamb, turkey, duck) and some different veges.  She loves it and we have no issues with her eating at all anymore.  I also heat it up from the fridge so it smells super yummy.  Currently, I really enjoy making pet food and I freeze it in batches so it lasts for about a month.

For snacks I give both cat and dog some boiled chicken, duck gizzards and chicken hearts (quickly fried on the outside).  The cat, Moo, gets raw duck feet from time to time, but I've discovered Whiskey is too young to take apart feet, so for now Whiskey gets peanut butter and banana frozen kongs (with kibble). 

For training snacks we found these are great:
-lamb lung (dried)
-freeze dried chicken
-freeze dried liver
-peanut butter snacks
-dried goat heart
-mix of various sample kibbles (to keep it interesting but cheaper)
-deli meats

I now have bits of lamb lung in most of my pockets!

Chicken Hearts in a pan

Current dog food


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