Monday, July 7, 2014

A sick puppy: Giardia

Poor Whiskey is sick.  She's thrown up once and her poops have gotten consistently softer, smellier and greener.  A couple times she's had full on diarrhea and her energy levels have dropped considerably which were the warning signs.  Her tail still wags like crazy in the morning when she wakes up, but she sleeps more and runs less (no zoomies for awhile).  My partner is quite happy about this (a tired vizsla is much easier to deal with) but of course we're both concerned.

We just took her to the vet and they did a snap test on her poop and discovered my fears (and internet research) were warranted and she has giardia, an intestinal infection.  They get this from drinking contaminated water and she totally has been drinking from puddles since it's been a bit rainy lately.  Anyways, we can't do the next round of shots until she's better so she's on antibiotics for the week and hopefully she's better next week for vaccine shots.  I've been waiting and waiting for these shots so it's painful to wait another week of keeping her 'safer'.  Also, I've switched her food to boiled chicken and rice for easier digestion.  She's such a trooper and we caught this in time (no blood in stools) so very happy about that!  I can't wait for the zoomies to commence again.

A sleepy sick Whiskey

Cuddles- we are not supposed to let her lick our faces

We let her in the bed after her 6am potty because we can't resist

How cute is she?  I love how she grunts in her sleep.

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